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Kaylon Tauer - Battle of Lancaster

Battle of Lancaster

Kaylon Tauer pitching in the Red Rock Classic

Red Rock Classic

Kaylon Tauer with Vegas Valkyries in the Las Vegas Showdown

Las Vegas Showdown

Kaylon Tauer with Vegas Valkyries in the St Paddys Day Tournament

St. Paddy's Day Tournament

Kaylon Tauer Bunting in the Valentines Day Tournament

Valentine's Day Tournament

Kaylon Tauer guest playing Valkyries

Kaylon Guest Playing for Valkyries

Kaylon Tauer guest playing Idaho Fastpitch

Kaylon & Billie Guest Playing

Kaylon Tauer guest playing with Power

Kaylon Guest Playing for Power

Kaylon Tauer with Denise Munro at her pitching lesson

Kaylon with Denise

Kaylon Tauer with her gift for the toy drive

Toy Drive California

Kaylon Tauer on 1st base at the Show Me the Money tournament

Playing 1st Base

Kaylon Tauer running stance on 1st base

Ready to Run!

Kaylon Tauer checking the call from her coach

Love the curls!

Kaylon Tauer on 2nd base getting ready to steal 3rd base

About to steal 3rd.

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